Test user interfaces and customer experience hypotheses to get insights and to make informed design decisions.

When you run a digital product and need to understand better how users interact with it — User Experience Research can help.

It is also helpful when you test an idea or a feature using a simple prototype to analyze user behavior and feedback before moving to costly production.

User experience research allows you to go through the critical points in the user journey and avoid major issues in product design. You'll end up with increased performance and revenue within your product. 

How does this work? 

We describe the subject of a study — a function or feature and the effect of its implementation.

  • Current and desirable user behavior (Customer Journey Map)
  • Metrics and target values
  • How should the feature work?

Then we define the Test Sample parameters — which user segments we want to launch the test for, and how we will recruit them. Test mechanics as well as the tools to run it could be different for every case. We practice all kinds of UX test methods — from a method of working with reviews in app stores to Unmoderated Remote Panel Studies or Diary/Camera Studies. In some cases, we suggest that users simply go through the script, but in different we may deeply observe customers' behaviour in the interface

We carry out all tests via Zoom and special remote testing software that allows us to run a research program within 2–4 weeks. 

What is the result?

At the end of the research, you understand how users interact with your product, particular features, see bottlenecks and UX/UI performance improvement areas. The research provides your team with data and insights to make informed decisions on further steps, helps to manage the backlog.

In some cases, even small UX studies reveal more in-detph and unexpected insights about users and your product, its value offering, monetization, pricing models, and processes.

The report provides all the data, learnings, recommendations, and action plans. We use concise frameworks and run workshops to present the outcome.

Outsourcing design? UX-research is the best start for UX/UI Design services we provide.

How to start?

Describe your question/problem or a feature you're planning to research and book a call with us.

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