B2B Lead generation & Sales

Set up, test and scale highly automated funnels and processes for your b2b product or service sales.

We help to build consistent, predicatable inflow of leads and turn them into customers, by setting up processes, tech infrastructure and communications at every stage of the funnel.

We provide our structured frameworks, well-tested outreach tactics, automated lead management scenarios and marketing assets to reduce total customer acquisition cost and ensure scalability.

Build first sales or boost and scale what you have right now

We often face the situation when it is simpler to run a full reboot of customers' sales function rather than trying to optimize what they have.

Focusing on building a top-quality product or service and its customer-facing UX and UI, managers forget about creating flexible marketing and sales infrastructure, while marketers and sales managers neglect to test various strategies, tactics and continuous improvement of their offers.

To enable rapid growth and flexibility, we offer building an infrastructure and workflows standing apart from the core marketing and sales processes. At least at the testing phase. It allows us to cut the time and cost of new solution implementation without touching currently working processes.

What such services include?

We start from understanding the context, your previous experience and then immediately move to developing and testing new funnels.

👉 Find Funnel launch pipeline example & free tempate here.

Key steps are:

  • Short Market and Target audience analysis
  • Offer, Sales funnel audit
  • Previous sales data analysis
  • Offer optimization (Value Proposition, Benefeits, Communication)
  • Pricing and revenue model development
  • Funnel modeling (scenarios, processes, economy, KPIs and benchmarks)

Leadgen & Sales funnel infrastructure

  • Funnels production (marketing tech setup and automation, marketing and sales content production)
  • Testing and ongoing optimiztion.

At the planning phase, we develop a funnel economy & KPIs model with benchmarks for every scenario.

Then we test the funnel together with your team, optimize on the go and update targets based on real data.

Leadgen funnel raw KPIs & Economy draft

Why to outsource this?

  • First, employing our team give your business access to cross-category practical experience. This is a way to boost sales and improve profitability without huge investments and costly internal structural changes.
  • Second, your business obtains clarity on how your new revenue flow looks, works and performs at every stage of a funnel regardless its complexity.
  • And the last, since the soft-launch and some period of testing you get well-structured data and insights that will help you to build, test and scale new funnels.

Remember that the shorter time to test and market of any new idea, the more you earn in long run. We help to build and test quickly.

In 1.5-2 months your business start testing new well-planned sales funnels.

No recruiting and staffing costs, no learning curve and churn of new employees and external BDRs/Sales people.

Where to start?

The first call is free — book it now.

There we will guide you through the list of questions based on our framework (you will see it brings clarity from the first sight).
Then we arrange pre-payment and start working on a set of new leadgen and sales funnels immediately.


Managers and specialists required to run the project.

Our cases

International scale and Lead Gen strategy for b2b

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Project Pipeline

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Here's what you receive during the project and in the end.
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